Monthly Archives: June 2012

Falls prevention week

It’s “falls prevention week” in the UK. Many older people sustain injuries from falls, some of them very serious. But this isn’t inevitable: you can do plenty to help prevent falls, and the easiest thing to do is follow an exercise routine. So what makes an effective exercise routine? Well, firstly, it has to fit […]

Skeleton naming competition – the results are in!

If you’ve visited our Paddington clinic you may have noticed a suspicious character lurking in the corner. He’s about 165cm tall, a bit pale and in dire need of a good meal. In fact, he’s a skeleton… Despite his alarming appearance, we’re very fond of our bony friend. Not only is he great at helping […]

England’s Euro 2012 injuries ahead of Sweden game

The press is full of stories about the sports injuries that England’s Euro 2012 team are facing. Ashley Cole is nursing an ankle injury, Gareth Barry has a groin strain, Frank Lampard has a thigh injury, and even goal-keeping coach Ray Clemence has sustained an Achilles tendon injury. Although the team physiotherapist is never far […]

Avoiding the painful perils of personal computing…

How much of your time is spent using a computer? At least part of today it would seem, since you’re reading this. But do you ever consider the impact it can have on your body? Computers are a huge part modern life. We use them daily – at home and work – to help us […]

Chained to your computer? Break free with our easy desk-based exercise routine…

Already read our post on the painful perils of personal computing? Good – so you know how to avoid back pain, neck pain, wrist pain and other nasty side-effects of working with computers. Namely… keep moving vary your activities and position get your setup and posture right incorporate a few simple mobilisation exercises into your […]