Monthly Archives: November 2013

Chris Mount who ran from John O’Groats to Land’s End visits Body Foundation Osteopaths in Paddington

We first met Chris when he was working behind the bar in our local, and that’s when we heard about his plans to run from John O’Groats to Lands End. Astonishingly several weeks later, and with a painful blister now just a memory, he completed this mammoth task, raising thousands of pounds for charities. We […]

Fat but fit? Health not size predicts risk of serious illness

Can you be fat but fit? Apparently so, according to several recent pieces of intriguing research. And fitness is what keeps you healthier for longer, regardless of how lean you look… or not. So it really doesn’t matter how you are on the outside, it’s what’s going inside that matters. Remember, always consult a healthcare […]

Sugary drinks may alter brain chemistry for the worse

Sugar has yet again been getting a hard time in the scientific press. New Scientist magazine recently reported a small study suggesting that rats who were given sugar in their drinking water equivalent to the concentrations found in soft drinks developed brain changes similar to those associated with dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease. Does this […]

Burden of the ageing population may have been overestimated

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh suggest that the increasingly ageing population won’t place as much strain on our health care resources as has been previously suspected. Apparently the number of older people who are dependent on taxpayer-funded health care has actually fallen over the past few decades. However, it does seem to depend on […]

Save money with our referral reward scheme

If you’ve benefited from treatment at Body Foundation Osteopaths please recommend us to friends, family or colleagues who may need our help. Your recommendations go a long way towards helping Body Foundation grow. So we’ll show our appreciation for your support with a small reward whenever you refer someone to us. We ask each new […]

Why you probably don’t need a scan…

Patients often ask us if they need x-rays or scans. It’s understandable: they’re in pain and they want to know what’s causing it. So surely taking a look inside their body will provide the answer? Well, no – not necessarily. Certainly there are times when imaging is necessary. X-rays can help rule out fracture following […]