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Is Walking Really The Best Way to Lose Weight Fast?

It’s not long before we start thinking of our New Years’ resolutions and in our lifetime, at least once, we have caught ourselves planning our new exercise regime that will start with enthusiasm on January 1st. Within the week we are found to have scrapped the idea all together. However, new research suggests people who […]

Is there such a thing as incorrect movement?

There’s a recent blog post over at Better Movement that tackles a question osteopaths and their patients face every day: is there such a thing as incorrect movement? And of course we are often asked similar about posture. Can it be incorrect, and can it be changed? Patients often feel that pain must be a […]

Mediterranean diet prevents dementia

The so-called Mediterranean diet is crucial to fighting dementia, say a group of doctors on the first day of the G8 summit on dementia. Experts from the G8 countries are in London this week to plan fresh approaches to dementia. They have written a letter to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt calling for the government to […]

Chris Mount who ran from John O’Groats to Land’s End visits Body Foundation Osteopaths in Paddington

We first met Chris when he was working behind the bar in our local, and that’s when we heard about his plans to run from John O’Groats to Lands End. Astonishingly several weeks later, and with a painful blister now just a memory, he completed this mammoth task, raising thousands of pounds for charities. We […]

Fat but fit? Health not size predicts risk of serious illness

Can you be fat but fit? Apparently so, according to several recent pieces of intriguing research. And fitness is what keeps you healthier for longer, regardless of how lean you look… or not. So it really doesn’t matter how you are on the outside, it’s what’s going inside that matters. Remember, always consult a healthcare […]

Burden of the ageing population may have been overestimated

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh suggest that the increasingly ageing population won’t place as much strain on our health care resources as has been previously suspected. Apparently the number of older people who are dependent on taxpayer-funded health care has actually fallen over the past few decades. However, it does seem to depend on […]

Tennis Elbow

Some of you local residents and workers may have left the leafy pastures of Maida Vale, Paddington and Little Venice and headed down to Wimbledon this week to see the tennis so we thought now would be an appropriate time to discuss a relatively common problem that affects both tennis players and non players alike: Tennis […]

Why not do the exercise you evolved to do?

Patients often say they want to exercise regularly but struggle to stick at it. And many pay monthly subscriptions to gyms they barely use. If that’s you, why not try something that might actually improve your health – not to mention your bank balance? We all know exercise is important for our health. But busy […]

Fibromyalgia awareness day

May 12th is International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. This poorly-understood ailment affects millions of people around the world, yet remains largely unheard of. Fibromyalgia sufferers complain of long-term widespread pain, stiffness, and tiredness — although symptoms vary from person to person and may include irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and more besides [1]. It is […]

London Marathon 2013

Spring has sprung and it’s less than 1 week until  around 35,000 brave souls will line up in Greenwich and pit themselves against the weather, tarmac, cobbles and and anything London decides to throw at them to run the 26.2 miles of the Virgin London Marathon 2013. Most of your training will be done by now, […]