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Why you probably don’t need a scan…

Patients often ask us if they need x-rays or scans. It’s understandable: they’re in pain and they want to know what’s causing it. So surely taking a look inside their body will provide the answer? Well, no – not necessarily. Certainly there are times when imaging is necessary. X-rays can help rule out fracture following […]

Sports massage at BFO Paddington

Tired legs? Achy shoulders? Overtrained? Burnt out? Then you’ll be pleased to hear we now offer 30, 45 and 60 minute sports massage appointments at our Paddington clinic. Sportiness not required! You don’t have to be sporty to have a sports massage – almost anyone can benefit. Top sportspeople do use sports massage to recover […]

Avoiding the painful perils of personal computing…

How much of your time is spent using a computer? At least part of today it would seem, since you’re reading this. But do you ever consider the impact it can have on your body? Computers are a huge part modern life. We use them daily – at home and work – to help us […]

Chained to your computer? Break free with our easy desk-based exercise routine…

Already read our post on the painful perils of personal computing? Good – so you know how to avoid back pain, neck pain, wrist pain and other nasty side-effects of working with computers. Namely… keep moving vary your activities and position get your setup and posture right incorporate a few simple mobilisation exercises into your […]

Osteopathy in Paddington at reduced prices for NHS patients

Patients often ask if osteopathy is available via the NHS. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. So Body Foundation Osteopaths are now offering reduced prices for osteopathic treatment if you are referred by your GP. Your first appointment will cost £45, and subsequent appointments £40, up to a maximum of 6 appointments per referral. All we […]