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We now accept payments made using Barclay’s Pingit

Anyone with a smartphone can now pay for osteopathy appointments at Body Foundation in Paddington by using the Barclay’s Pingit app. It’s a piece of cake. Simply use our mobile number 07732 006691 to send us payment for your treatment. You can even pay for your appointment in advance – just let us know beforehand. […]

Burden of the ageing population may have been overestimated

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh suggest that the increasingly ageing population won’t place as much strain on our health care resources as has been previously suspected. Apparently the number of older people who are dependent on taxpayer-funded health care has actually fallen over the past few decades. However, it does seem to depend on […]

Sports massage at BFO Paddington

Tired legs? Achy shoulders? Overtrained? Burnt out? Then you’ll be pleased to hear we now offer 30, 45 and 60 minute sports massage appointments at our Paddington clinic. Sportiness not required! You don’t have to be sporty to have a sports massage – almost anyone can benefit. Top sportspeople do use sports massage to recover […]

Skeleton naming competition – the results are in!

If you’ve visited our Paddington clinic you may have noticed a suspicious character lurking in the corner. He’s about 165cm tall, a bit pale and in dire need of a good meal. In fact, he’s a skeleton… Despite his alarming appearance, we’re very fond of our bony friend. Not only is he great at helping […]

Body Foundation is one! (One month, that is…)

  We’re celebrating a special occasion. It’s exactly a month since Body Foundation Osteopaths opened the doors of our new Paddington clinic. We’ve had a hectic few weeks, and there’s lots more work to do – not least on letting people know we’re here! But we’re really pleased that we’re already helping patients with back […]