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Sports Injuries and How to Help Prevent Them

The Olympics has finished, and what a thrilling two weeks it has been! So what better time to talk about sports injuries? One of the first things any sportsperson must do it learn about injury prevention, especially if they plan on taking their sport to the higher levels of competition available. Without having basic knowledge […]

Are You Drinking Enough Water? The Benefits You Might Be Missing Out On…

There is a lot of conflicting evidence about how much water you should be drinking each day and how much is too much. According to the NHS website women should be drinking 1.6 litres and men should be drinking 2.0 litres every day. Of course this is dependent on your size and level of activity. […]

How Supportive Is Your Footwear?

As a sportswoman (and someone who has suffered with foot and ankle problems in the past) I am well aware of which shoes I should be wearing during the day while I’m working and commuting through Central London and which shoes I should avoid wearing for 8 hours straight! However an alarming number of people […]

Let’s Talk About Family History

No, we don’t mean bring up that story about Grandma falling off her chair when you were camping back in the 90’s, we mean your medical family history. When was the last time you asked your parents about their health and their parents health? Have you ever sat down and talked about possible illness within […]

Grow Your Own Happiness: Can Meditation Physically Change the Brain?

As Osteopaths, it’s not uncommon for us to see patients living with chronic pain. Studies have been done that show meditation, or mindfulness, can be used as an effective management strategy and now there is research that shows meditation may also be able to increase your levels of happiness. The article claims it can be done […]

How to structure my workout routine

Cardio before Weights or Weights before Cardio?   UK guidelines for exercise state that it should include both cardiovascular and resistance training¹ but what is the best way of organising your routine? It’s a question I often got asked as a personal trainer and the answer may surprise some of you. Many people will combine […]

Is there such a thing as incorrect movement?

There’s a recent blog post over at Better Movement that tackles a question osteopaths and their patients face every day: is there such a thing as incorrect movement? And of course we are often asked similar about posture. Can it be incorrect, and can it be changed? Patients often feel that pain must be a […]

Save money with our referral reward scheme

If you’ve benefited from treatment at Body Foundation Osteopaths please recommend us to friends, family or colleagues who may need our help. Your recommendations go a long way towards helping Body Foundation grow. So we’ll show our appreciation for your support with a small reward whenever you refer someone to us. We ask each new […]

Why you probably don’t need a scan…

Patients often ask us if they need x-rays or scans. It’s understandable: they’re in pain and they want to know what’s causing it. So surely taking a look inside their body will provide the answer? Well, no – not necessarily. Certainly there are times when imaging is necessary. X-rays can help rule out fracture following […]

Exercise – how to warm up properly

by Neil Price MOst, BSc (Hons) Why bother? In a nutshell, warming up gradually should reduce the likelihood of injury, reduce the strain on your heart and improve overall athletic performance. Your muscles are stretchier when they are warm, and if the warm up mimics your chosen activity you’ll probably  perform your task more skilfully, […]