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Is there such a thing as incorrect movement?

There’s a recent blog post over at Better Movement that tackles a question osteopaths and their patients face every day: is there such a thing as incorrect movement? And of course we are often asked similar about posture. Can it be incorrect, and can it be changed? Patients often feel that pain must be a […]

Tennis Elbow

Some of you local residents and workers may have left the leafy pastures of Maida Vale, Paddington and Little Venice and headed down to Wimbledon this week to see the tennis so we thought now would be an appropriate time to discuss a relatively common problem that affects both tennis players and non players alike: Tennis […]

Sciatica: a real pain in the…

Last month’s blog explained why slipped discs don’t really exist. Here we explore another common and partially related self diagnosis: sciatica and/or “trapped” nerves. Sometimes people with low back pain find it spreads downwards, reaching their buttock, thigh or even lower leg and foot. This disquieting turn of events tends to prompt five uniquely human […]

Fibromyalgia awareness day

May 12th is International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. This poorly-understood ailment affects millions of people around the world, yet remains largely unheard of. Fibromyalgia sufferers complain of long-term widespread pain, stiffness, and tiredness — although symptoms vary from person to person and may include irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and more besides [1]. It is […]

London Marathon 2013

Spring has sprung and it’s less than 1 week until  around 35,000 brave souls will line up in Greenwich and pit themselves against the weather, tarmac, cobbles and and anything London decides to throw at them to run the 26.2 miles of the Virgin London Marathon 2013. Most of your training will be done by now, […]

Sports massage at BFO Paddington

Tired legs? Achy shoulders? Overtrained? Burnt out? Then you’ll be pleased to hear we now offer 30, 45 and 60 minute sports massage appointments at our Paddington clinic. Sportiness not required! You don’t have to be sporty to have a sports massage – almost anyone can benefit. Top sportspeople do use sports massage to recover […]

Why you don’t have a slipped disc

“Have I got a slipped disc?” asks Mr Smith, shifting uncomfortably in his chair after describing his low back pain. How do I know the answer to this question is “no” before I’ve even examined him? Spinal discs don’t slip  Intervertebral discs are soft tissue structures that sit between the individual bones (vertebrae) in your spine. […]