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Warm Weather? Grab the Sunscreen!

If, like us, you live in the UK, then you’re no stranger to a bit of rain, which means once the sun starts to reveal itself during the summer months we’re going for that sun-kissed tan! Over the coming months it’s important to reach for that sunscreen and apply it (repeatedly if you plan on being […]

Burden of the ageing population may have been overestimated

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh suggest that the increasingly ageing population won’t place as much strain on our health care resources as has been previously suspected. Apparently the number of older people who are dependent on taxpayer-funded health care has actually fallen over the past few decades. However, it does seem to depend on […]

London Marathon 2013

Spring has sprung and it’s less than 1 week until  around 35,000 brave souls will line up in Greenwich and pit themselves against the weather, tarmac, cobbles and and anything London decides to throw at them to run the 26.2 miles of the Virgin London Marathon 2013. Most of your training will be done by now, […]

Sprained ankle

In the recent icy weather here in London, we’ve been seeing a number of patients with sprained ankles. This can be incredibly painful and very debilitating, so it’s vital to get swift and appropriate treatment. Typically, the ankle is sprained when the foot rolls inward under the ankle, causing sudden stretching and tearing of the […]

The 5:2 diet and intermittent fasting

It seems that the internet is abuzz with reports that an easy to follow diet is an easy way to fat loss, and can significantly reduce your chances of developing several serious diseases including Alzheimer’s, cancer, and stroke. The “5:2 diet” was recently reported by Michael Mosley for the BBC, in the Horizon episode “Eat, […]

Falls prevention week

It’s “falls prevention week” in the UK. Many older people sustain injuries from falls, some of them very serious. But this isn’t inevitable: you can do plenty to help prevent falls, and the easiest thing to do is follow an exercise routine. So what makes an effective exercise routine? Well, firstly, it has to fit […]