Do You Know How to Manage Your Headache?

We all suffer from headaches from time to time. Sometimes we’ve had a little too much caffeine, or haven’t had enough sleep, or maybe we’ve had to do a 10 hour shift at the office looking at a computer screen. At other times you may experience headaches persistently for no obvious reason.

With a headache, it’s very important to know what you need to do to ease the pain and when, especially as some headaches can indicate a more severe underlying condition.

FMH Women’s Health Services sponsored a free headache presentation Jan. 6 at FMH Crestwood as part of the Women’s Health Services monthly series on varied health topics of interest to women. Read the article here for more information on when to ride out the pain and when to seek medical care quickly.

If you have been experiencing headaches, no matter how often or severe, it’s always worth mentioning to your healthcare provider during an appointment so that it can be monitored and investigated.