How Supportive Is Your Footwear?

As a sportswoman (and someone who has suffered with foot and ankle problems in the past) I am well aware of which shoes I should be wearing during the day while I’m working and commuting through Central London and which shoes I should avoid wearing for 8 hours straight! However an alarming number of people don’t realise that their choice of footwear is the reason they’re suffering with persistent pain in the their foot, ankle and calf. A poor choice of footwear can also affect your joints higher up, such as the knee and hip, even your back!

As you can probably see, footwear really is more important than you may think… but why?

Each person has a different arch type and ankle shape. They could be flat, medium or high arches, and each arch type needs a different level of support. To learn more about that click here.

However, the shoes I’m specifically talking about are crocs, flip flops and sandals that don’t have a strap to keep the footwear on your foot. This then means that, often without realising, your toes curl with each step to prevent the shoe from coming off as you walk! This can lead to an array of problems that can usually be solved with a change of footwear (and possibly a trip to the osteopath for good measure!).

We’re not suggesting you bin the summer shoes altogether, sometimes it’s nice to air those toes in the warm weather, but if you’re commuting half an hour to work just consider whether you’re looking after your feet the best you can. We do only get one pair, afterall!

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