Sports massage at BFO Paddington

Tired legs? Achy shoulders? Overtrained? Burnt out? Then you’ll be pleased to hear we now offer 30, 45 and 60 minute sports massage appointments at our Paddington clinic.

Sportiness not required!

You don’t have to be sporty to have a sports massage – almost anyone can benefit. Top sportspeople do use sports massage to recover from training and prevent minor niggles developing into something more significant. But sports massage is also great if you’re tired, stressed, burnt out, or just have achy or sore muscles.

Office meeting

A long day in the office can cause muscle pain just like a hard training session

As osteopaths, we look for areas in the body that are not coping well with the strain they are under. Then we use a range of techniques to help restore healthy movement and function. Sports massage fits perfectly with this approach to bodywork, and many sports massage techniques can be incorporated into your osteopathic treatment.

What’s the difference between “Swedish” and “sports” massage?

Some gentler massage techniques fit more into the “Swedish” or “body” massage style. Others (often firmer) are more commonly part of a sports massage routine. But in reality many of the techniques are similar and much of the difference lies in what the therapist aims to achieve.

If the goal is relaxation then lighter, rhythmical, Swedish-style strokes are used. If the intention is to release tight or deep “problem” areas, firmer techniques are called for. Specialist approaches like deep friction, trigger point inhibition and myofascial stretch are also useful when appropriate.

Add an osteopathic touch

The great thing about getting a sports massage from a Body Foundation osteopath is that it becomes even more powerful. That’s because we can complement the sports massage with osteopathic techniques to get the results you need.

Remember, you don’t need to have run the London Marathon to benefit from a sports massage. A long day at your desk is equally likely to make your back, neck and shoulder muscles stiff, sore and tired. Why should they warrant less attention than the mighty thighs of Sir Chris Hoy after his latest gold medal?

cycling bicycle exercise sports massage

Sports massage may aid recovery from training-related stiffness and injury

So give your poor, tired body a treat worthy of a champion. Come and see us at Body Foundation Osteopaths in Paddington for a 30, 45, or 60 minute sports massage, and leave walking on air.

To book a sports massage at our Sheldon Square clinic simply email [email protected] or call us on 07732 006691. Prices are as follows:

30 minutes – £45

45 minutes – £53

1 hour – £60