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Sports Injuries and How to Help Prevent Them

The Olympics has finished, and what a thrilling two weeks it has been! So what better time to talk about sports injuries? One of the first things any sportsperson must do it learn about injury prevention, especially if they plan on taking their sport to the higher levels of competition available. Without having basic knowledge […]

Sciatica: a real pain in the…

Last month’s blog explained why slipped discs don’t really exist. Here we explore another common and partially related self diagnosis: sciatica and/or “trapped” nerves. Sometimes people with low back pain find it spreads downwards, reaching their buttock, thigh or even lower leg and foot. This disquieting turn of events tends to prompt five uniquely human […]

Why you don’t have a slipped disc

“Have I got a slipped disc?” asks Mr Smith, shifting uncomfortably in his chair after describing his low back pain. How do I know the answer to this question is “no” before I’ve even examined him? Spinal discs don’t slip  Intervertebral discs are soft tissue structures that sit between the individual bones (vertebrae) in your spine. […]

Are you breast aware?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a timely reminder about an important health issue for all of us – including you, gentlemen! It may be rare, but men can have breast cancer too – to say nothing of its potential to affect the women you care about. Over 50,000 new cases of breast cancer are […]